12 December 2011
Virtual Adoption
In some cases animals cannot be re-homed because of their handicap (dissibility) or distrust in humans which reflects in being frightened and timid.
The below mentioned animals are now living in a very good home. They receive all the love and care they really need and they finally found their place to stay and grow old. These people have given these animals a second chance to a good life.
For those who are not able or in the position to take care of an aminal, this could be a good opportunity to help an animal by virtual adoption by paying a monthly payment the account number 1610449, in name
of P. Houtman en/of R.M. Hoffman in The Hague, mentioning the name of the animal.
For payments outside The Netherlands please use:
ING Bank
IBAN Code: NL25INGB0001610449
The care of these animals is often very intensive than for a healthy animal.
As from €5,00 or more per month you can adopt one of these animals. You will receive an update and pictures of your adopted animal.
We would like to thank you for your support to one of these animals.
We would like to introduce you to:
Ziva (6 years old) was living in a shelter Marmaris in Turkey. We were able to get her out of this shelter and she is now living in a very good home. Ziva is the first dog that ever left this shelter. She was not happy in the shelter, she preferred to stay in her dog house because of her dissibility. Her forelegs are deformed.
Due to her handicap she is not able to walk far and she needs special care.
We also went to Arjan Hodes an animal orthopaedic Specialist in Arnhem asking for possibilities such as braces to improve her mobility. Unfortunately there is nothing to be done. Luckily Ziva has no pain.
her forelegs                                                   happy
Damijan (1,5 years old) was living in Serbia, where he was going from one home to the other, because nobody wanted him. Now he found his permanent home with Marjo in Hungary.
Damijan is paralysed, he only can use his forelegs.
Damijan needs a lot of special care and therapy.
We are now looking for a new wheelchair. His old wheelstair is not helping him at all.
Truffel (6 years old) was found in the streets of Somogyszil Hungary. She is now living with Marjo.
She is very sweet and social with other animals. But it seems that Truffel has not been treated very well by humans and therefore she is a bit frightened. Therefore we have decided not to re-home her, as Truffel does not need any more changes in her life. She is save now with Marjo.